Our Careers

John Andrews and Patty Jausoro each have a long history in animation. Both began in animation and design for business clients, Patty at FCB, San Francisco and John working for audiovisual and television production companies in New York. Patty's background was advertising art and John's was theater.  Both became attracted to animated series.  John produced several series at MTV in New York, starting with Beavis & Butt-Head, ran MTV's studio in New York and later went on to become creative director for the web content and commercial side of Klasky Csupo. Patty began her series career at Klasky Csupo and went on to Hanna Barbera, Carsey Werner and Universal where she oversaw the development and launch of the PBS Curious George series for which she won an Emmy. Both are experienced at developing and launching properties and overseeing projects, with a perfect combination of skills covering script, art, budget, production and post.

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Our Production Approach


We've developed an approach to both the development and production processes that is an attractive and less expensive alternative. We combine virtual studio and practical workspace, concentrating on putting together a strong directing, design and storyboard team and building a pipeline that is flexible and economical, allowing artists to work at home on their own equipment or in a studio setting where necessary.  We rent well-networked "expand & contract" studio space. We assemble a team that works largely on its own and connects in virtual space under a director and producing team's guiding hands.  We commission animation both locally and from overseas and supervise all aspects of casting record, pre-pro, production and post. In this way we are able to have an efficient, well-coordinated operation where a very high percentage of the money spent goes directly onto the screen.